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Medium Size Campus design

Hi guys,

Just wanted to make check if there is any reading regarding designing Trunk between two core swithces in a medium size campus.

I have two 4506 as backbones. And 20 x 3560 for access. I have IPT implemention.

is there any readings or recommendations for the trunk between the two CORE switches and how it should be configured.

I am looking for answers for these questions:

1- Shall i run L2 and L3 trunk? or is L2 enough?

2- If i will go for L3, shall i use the same L 2 tunk or shall i do it on a separate L3 only trunk?

3- Is it better to have a routing port for the L3 trunk???

i did't find any good recommendations on cisco's site.

Does any one know where i can find it??

Cisco Employee

Re: Medium Size Campus design

Trunking is a layer 2 protocol and there is no such thing as L3 trunk(probaby you are referring routed interfaces as L3 trunk). Having said this, I would go with L2 trunks(just allow only VLANs you need).

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