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MICA FW upgrade killed WIN95 dial clients

I've got an ISDN PRI line coming into an NM 1CT1-CSU, and a DM-24 modem bank of MICA modems in my 3640 chassis. MICA firmware was upgraded to 2910 (date=7/13/01), and not a SINGLE Windows95 client can dial in any more; all others are fine:

*Modem negotiates fine

*Credentials are passed to RADIUS fine

*Dialin client granted IP from pool just fine

***********Dial-client cannot ping any IP on the network, nor can the remote modem be pinged from the router, even tho the cllient was granted an IP. My IOS is 12.2 (12a) IP-Only (I-MZ)

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Re: MICA FW upgrade killed WIN95 dial clients

Since 2910 is a V.92 firmware and on 3640 the image 12.2(12a) is not a V.92 capable image, i would say load 2740 as mica modem firmware which is V.90. OR you need to turnoff V.92 by using a modemcap on mica modems. Pl. visit following url for how to do that

Now if the issue is still there with 2740 on mica, we need see the debugs.

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Re: MICA FW upgrade killed WIN95 dial clients

Original Poster here..... I disabled the V.92 as stated above by the Cisco CCIE above, however no result. After doing many debugs, the results are a bit cryptic. However, I noticed that debugging IP packets shows me that traffic is moving, but not traveling thru the PPP tunnel. I applied the DUN 1.3 update for Win95, with no positive result as well. Does Win95 not understand the newer PPP set-up commands in the newer MICA firmware?

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