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mica modem go bad

Hello !

Could you please help us ! For about a month our cisco 3640 and mica modems are going bad. at the moment we need to boot the router every other day to get async modems work. the other situation is that router stops servicing async-modems (isdn lines are still working ( to get the async work we need to boot the router )

We have tested two different routers withc two dirrerent ios

the other one has


cisco3640#sh modem ver

Slot 2:MICA-6DM Firmware, Source - IOS

CP ver 2720 - 5/30/2000, CheckSum 55E02A4A.

SP ver 2720 - 5/30/2000.

MICA 0: HW Version 1.2, Serial Number 10930520.

MICA 1: HW Version 1.0, Serial Number 6299944.

MICA 2: HW Version 1.2, Serial Number 10930518.

MICA 3: HW Version 2.1, Serial Number 18396707.

MICA 4: Not Installed.

and other has


an tried for mica both both

mica-modem-pw. and


Best Regards,

Susanna U

Cisco Employee

Re: mica modem go bad


It's important to know how these modems are going bad. If you issue the command 'show modem' are the modems bad in pairs of 2, in pairs of 6, or the whole module at once?

A good start would be to upgrade to modem portware to This solves a known issue where modems are going bad.

The software is on:

If the issue remains, please open a TAC case, as further investigation is required then.

Community Member

Re: mica modem go bad

Thank you your answer !

Modem s are going bad as pairs

B 2/6 00:12:31 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 100%

B 2/7 00:12:01 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 100%

our cisco3640 has been up for 2.5 hours and already 2 modem are bad.

our software and modem softw have been working well for 2 years, and suddenly this modem going bad started

Best Regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: mica modem go bad

Then we are definitely hitting a portware issue. Upgrade the portware to 2730 as stated in my previous answer. Upgrade instructions are on:

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