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microflow policing??????


Not sure whether I understand microflow policing properly. Would I be correct in assuming that if a microflow policer was placed on a 6500 interface connected to the WAN router, and that policer policed flows to, say, 200Kbits/sec then EACH user would be allowed 200k? A normal policer would be a cumulative one such that the combination of ALL flows would be policed to 200k? Does that sound right?

If I am correct then you could use this microflow policer concept so that you can police individual flows on port, DSCP etc and each such flow would be allowed up to the microflow policer limit?

That sounds a very useful feature. Could someone conform I am on the right lines? The documentation on cco is somewhat confusing.



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Re: microflow policing??????

Yep - that's pretty much the size of it...

The idea is that you can (for example) limit traffic from a voice subnet to 100K from each host (equal to a single call) on the premise that if more traffic comes through it is likely something spurious that should be given less that strict priority...

See page 2-121 of this document for a better explanation:

That whole doc is a great reference...


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Re: microflow policing??????

Thanks very much Aaron. And thanks for the link - it's all clear to me now !!

Cheers, Steve

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