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Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS

We are planning to migrate a 6509 chassis from a single Sup2GE & SFM to a Sup720-3B.

Can this be done without a service interruption? If so, what is the recommended procedure for this?

If anyone has done this, I would love to hear your story.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS

I don't think you can do this with no service interruption at all. First, you are replacing the sup, eventhough they go in different slots, these sups should not be in the same chassis at the same time. so you'll need to remove the old sup then put in the new sup. second, if you are using the sup ports for uplink, those need to be moved from the old sup uplink to the new sup uplink, that is interruption. Best way, is to schedule a downtime.

Re: Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS


Definitely this asks for downtime. I hope you are familiar with the fact that there are two trains of OSes (CATOS and IOS) for the 6509 Sups. IF you are running CATOS now (hybrid) and migrate to SUP 720 which also run's hyrbid then you are OK with not having to convert Operating systems. If you want to use IOS (router like) features on the 6509 after you migrate to Sup 720, you may need to install IOS on the Sup 720. You will also need to convert your existing configs from CATOS to IOS so that your new Sup retains all the configurations that your old switch had.

I would recommend that you keep the OS same on both Sup's so that the migration goes smoother and later on if you want to conver OSes you can do it at a later time. Remember there is a lot of difference in syntax between the commands used in both OSes. Here are a few links that may help understand the diff.

If you are converting OSes you will need to refer to this link.

For conversion from CATOS to IOS

For conversion from IOS to CATOS

THe conversion process takes about 30 mins to an hour depending upon how familiar you are with the conversion process. Remember not to miss any step specified in the above links while conversion.I would definitely recommend, to test this procedure in lab before you are comfortable with doing this in production.

In addition to all this, here is a tool that will convert your current CATOS configs to IOS syntax.

You will need your CCO login and password.



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Re: Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS

Thank you Sankar and Roberto for your replies.

My existing Sup is running in Native IOS mode so I would not have to worry about converting from CatOS. I was mainly wondering about the two Sups being in the chassis at the same time and the possibility of migrating by failover from one to the other in order to avoid downtime.

I guess I will have to plan a downtime after all! :-(

Thaks very much.

Re: Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS

You cannot use both at the same time,as they are different h/w. Sup 2 is on slot 1 and 2, while sup 720 goes on slot 5 and 6 (506, 6509) and slot 7 and 8 (6513).

If both systems run IOS, then this should be an easy migration.

I would do the following.

a. Schedule downtime.

b. Try to match up IOs versions on both Sups.

c. Copy and paste configs from old sup to new sup

d. take out Sup 2 from chassis (slot 1 and 2)

e. take out SFM's from slot 5 and 6

f. insert new sups in slot 5 and 6 (Sup 720)

g. make sure every thing is up and running.



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Re: Migrating from Sup2GE to Sup720 Native IOS

Hello John,

you also have to be aware that a SUP720 needs a High Speed Fan Tray WS-C6K-9SLOT-FAN2. The SUP720 will NOT WORK with WS-C6K-9SLOT-FAN. The box will shut down after 300 sec.

Additionaly the WS-C6K-9SLOT-FAN2 needs a 2500 Watt power supply. It will not work with the old 1300 Watt Power Supply.

Also keep in mind that your power connection hat to be strong enough for te 2500 Watt power supplys.



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