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MLPPP over Frame/ATM - Interleaving not working very well

I have a cisco 7200 and 2600 with IOS 12.2(5) installed and have observed a problem when MLPPP and Interleaving is configured.

firstly, the ppp multilink fragment-delay command, has only one setting.

Any setting above 50ms fragments the ppp packets into frame-relay frames that are 1510bytes long.., anything below 50 is 56 bytes.

I would have expected a bit less of a drastic change, and from a document about implementing a WAN it seems to suggest , that for a 256Kbps link speed an 8ms delay would produce a 256byte fragment. It seems that there is something wrong in the way the the fragment-delay command is claculating the fragmentation required.

Also, is there a way where I can choose the fragment size, since this is a frame-atm connection a 56 byte fragment is one and a tiny bit ATM cells.. I'd like to pack the cells as tightly as possible.

Thanks In Advance,


New Member

Re: MLPPP over Frame/ATM - Interleaving not working very well

Sounds like a bug, unless you have got something strange going on with your bandwidth command. Do a bug scrub, then if nothing turns up give the TAC a call.

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