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New Member

MLS on Cat6506

Maybe someone could shed a little light on the matter, because I am a little confused. On my Cat6506, MLS is disabled globally(No MLS statements whatsoever). When I exit to the switch and do a "sh mls entry", It is showing cached entries("305 total active MLS entries")! I would think that there would be none since MLS is disabled on the MSFC. Also, when I do a "sh mls" on the switch it shows that the only RP it knows about is the MSFC.

..also I did a "clear mls entry all" and the cache entries built back up. Does this sound normal?

Cisco Employee

Re: MLS on Cat6506

MLS is enabled on MSFC by default and you will not see it in the configuration as it is the default config

New Member

Re: MLS on Cat6506

I figured that, that had to be the case. Thanks! But if that is so, then why would one even to go thru the steps of globally enabling it and configuring it on the interfaces?

Cisco Employee

Re: MLS on Cat6506

The only time you would configure anything is, if you are using the MSFC as an MLS-RP for an external MLS-SP such as CAT5000(with NFFC)

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