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Mobile Ip

My client have 3560 on edge and 65k as a core switch. Currently they have flat network(no vlan configured) and i am trying to convince them to go for multiple vlans according to their departments but one of the hardle is that their users are mobile. Some times they are on one switch and some times they are on another and also cause of port limitation cant bind the ports with the prospective vlans at every switch according to the requirement. I can see ip mobile is an option but as i dont have any knowledge of ip mobile so my question is would ip mobile can be supported on these switches or it needs a pure wireless enviroment. Or is there any other solution for my scenario...

Would be appricaited if anyone can answer my question.


Re: Mobile Ip

What I think, you can implement DHCP in the network that no matter where the user plug to the PC to the network, it will acquire an IP address setting automatically.

But what is the primary reason to have VLAN ? Is it a security ? If it will not create benefit to the user, I prefer to keep it as flat LAN. If you have multiple VLANs, you also require to enable the VLAN routing at 65k or 3560. It creates more issue, be consider all the issue before implement it.

Check below for mobile ip info. :

I believe if the user move all the time, it may be useful. If the user only move to other location and plug to the LAN port then use DHCP will be simplier.

Please provide more info / requirement then we can discuss.

Hope this helps.

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