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Modem to 7206

HELP!!! I have had quite a frustrating day today. I have four US robotics 33.6 external modems. Three are new and one is one from 1998. I can get the old modem to work connected to the AUX port of a 7206 just fine.

With the other three I am able to connect to the modem but I never get a password prompt. All four modems have the DIP switches set the same and I have checked the configuration with the ATI4 command. All modems match exactly. I am testing the modems on the same router wiht the same cable/connector so I am sure that the config on the AUX port is correct. Has anyone seen this issue before?


Re: Modem to 7206

My only guess is that the newer modems have newer code such that, even with the same configs, things act differently. I would suggest that you decrease the speed between the modem and router to 9600 for starters, although if the speed were a problem you would likely see garbage on the line instead of silence. Also ensure that the router sees DCD/DSR go high, so that it can create an exec (you should see an asterisk next to the line when you dial in).

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