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Modules Gbic Catalyst 6500

I have a peculiar problem with two gbic modules of Catalyst 6500.

First problem, I have a gbic port in module 7, which was a trunkport to Catalyst 2950, that does not allow conection to switch Catalyst 2950, and besides it harmed the yield of Catalyst 6500. I have to disconnect the optical fiber cable so that everything returned to normality.

Second problem. A port gbic in module 8, I let work and I disconnect of the network to one of the servants, by such reason I had to connect the fiber cable in another one gbic of he himself I module.

My question is: is necessary to change I modulate 7 and 8 not to have network problems on watch? or single to change gbic affected in each one of the modules?

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Re: Modules Gbic Catalyst 6500

Failure to get GBIC up during installation could be as a result of system requirements not met, incorrect cable installed, lack of power to the device, configuration errors or hardware failure. Verify that the GBIC cable is connected to another active network device and that the port is not shut down. Replace cable with a known good cable. Make sure GBICs are matched on either side of the connection. Make sure the flow control and port negotiation settings are consistent on both sides of the link. There may be incompatibilities in the implementation of these features if the switches being connected are from different vendors. If in doubt, turn these features off on both switches. Swap GBIC to a different slot. Also, try using a spare GBIC to see if it works. For more information, refer to Troubleshooting link :

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