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Monitor difent networks but same IP address

Hi, I have lot of severs that I monitor from one PC with many NICs. Now I have one new problem, I have one client network and now I must add a newone with the same network

Now, servers have the same IP like, the question is, how can I monitor the same IP but different server?.

If I can ping based in mac address that would be great, but I know that its impossible.

So, is there a solution to do it?

I was thinking in create a new monitor network (add a secondary IP), but I think that is not correct.


Re: Monitor difent networks but same IP address


I feel you are trying to monitor different networks from your server wherein i feel you can achieve by creating manual/static permanent(persistent) routes in your pc/server so that you will have different network routed accordingly as per your requirement.

By default the connected networks like will be reachable via the interface which you have in that particular subnet other than that if you want to monitor or to have reachability then you need to have the routes as above mentioned to get them out.

Secondary ip is the other option which you can try out but i would suggest to take uttermost care while defining the metric on the interface and for the default gateways if any.


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