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Monitoring LAT Connections

I need some assistance in LAT. I have not been able to find any good documentation on LAT. At one customer site they are having network connection issues with several VXTs that connect via LAT to get to a VMS system.

Are they any ways other than putting a protocol sniffer on the network to monitor the LAT connection to troubleshoot the problem?

It is on the same segment as several IP PCs and printers which have no problems. I do understand LAT is more sensitive to delays than IP.

Any suggestions?


Re: Monitoring LAT Connections

Maybe put the IP PCs and printers on a separate VLAN if you can. See if that helps.

Depending on how the network's designed, maybe you could configure the switches and routers to give the LAT traffic priority over the other traffic. LAT is non-routable, so it needs to be bridged to take it from one VLAN to the next. I've bridged LAT while routing IP, IPX and AppleTalk before, but I've never given it priority.

If I remember correctly, LAT is Ethernet protocol type 6004 in hexadecimal. (The "type" field is octets 13 and 14 after the preamble in an Ethernet frame.) Maybe somebody else can chime in on how you could use this info in an ACL to designate LAT as "interesting" traffic in order to give it precedence over non-LAT traffic.

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