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Monitoring voice calls on a 7200VXR

We have a PA-VXC-2TE1 installed into a 7200VXR. For capacity planning I've been asked to report on the number of channels (active calls) being used throughout the day.

It is possible to find out the number of active calls, by entering at the cli "sh int dspfarm <interface number>. Is there a MIB available that will allow access to this information via SNMP


Re: Monitoring voice calls on a 7200VXR

might want to look into the CISCO-CALL-HISTORY-MIB

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Re: Monitoring voice calls on a 7200VXR

Thanks for responding.

I've had a look at the suggested MIB but it does not return anything useful. Since I made the original post I've discovered that CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB retruns a one-to-one mapping everytime a call is initiated. However it generates a new random instance value for each new call. I've confirmed that the mappings are correct by comparing the values returned by the MIB with the value returned by the CLI "sh int dspfarm "

As an example the following OID returns the connectionID for each call and there will be a returned instance for every active call( . However it is not possible to poll this value from Openview NNM.

Alternatively ( . returns the remote UDP port, and although this instance is pollable, the instance is only valid for the life of the call.

Looking at the output from "sh int dspfarm", the router stores a historical value for the number of calls. I'm therefore hopeful that the MIB that is able to access this data is also able to access the number of active calls.

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Re: Monitoring voice calls on a 7200VXR

Take a look at indeed their Nebula perf. monitor can monitor and provide capacity planning reports as a result.

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