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MPLS and HSRP CPE sites


I'm trying to find some configuration examples for a setup where a PE connects to two CPE 6500 switches that uses MHSRP between multiple VLAN's. Now my fear is to introduce a routingloop since both CPE switches connects to the PE and the routing protocol between PE and the CPE's are EIGRP.

1)Do I need to worry ?

2) Where do I find some configuration examples ?


Re: MPLS and HSRP CPE sites

EIGRP has its own mechanisms like Split-horizon and Feasible distance to prevent routing loops . With split-horizon is should be possible to prevent loops between neighbors. With Feasible distance, the EIGRP router will check whether the Advertised distance from a particular neighbor is less than its Feasible distance and if so it will select that neighbor as either a successor or feasbile successor. If there is a routing loop, the advertised distance through that neighbor will be greater than the feasible distance. So I think EIGRP can prevent routing loops using these mechanisms. If you are still worried about loops you can use some route filtering techniques like distibute-lists. You can check these links for HSRP which could throw some light about your requirement :

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