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MPLS RSVP-TE Signaling Interop Problem with Cisco GSR 12000

Pls reply to my updated Email address ""

Here is my Scenario.

I only needs to know If the link is in TE- database but not in Ospf database cause there could be three kinda links

1. Ospf only

2.TE only

3. Ospf and TE

My tunnel is TE only , I want to announce my RSVP-TE signalled LSP to LERs and want to stack over once they needs to signalled across me to the FAR end . The Scenarion I am using i s




The RSVP Signalled LSP is between our switches with an IP at both ends like logical point to point link , After the Tunnel is up I am enabling TE and flooding through OSPF to Juniper and Cisco with proper bandwidth. OSPF is not enabled on Tunnel , If I enable OSPF cisco will start sending IP traffic to it that what i don't want .

So after I announce my tunnel with only TE enable to both cisco and Juniper , Cisco starts sending signalled rsvp msg destined to cisco and every thing looks good session came up fine stacked over my advertised tunnel .

Cisco has problems and complaining that he can't use hos link connected to D14 .

I just want to know CSPF Alogorithm used by cisco . Is it really matter for Cisco to have this tunnel interface as a destination in its routing table , If this is teh probelm than I have to enable OSPF on the tunnel .

Pls provide me with your feebback.



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