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my 7200 router has been reloaded , after the reloading the MRTG didn't work smoothly into the fastethernet subinterface while it is working fine into the other interfaces.

when i put show snmp i recieve 0 SNMP packet input and 32367 SNMP packet output , and from the graph i can notice that i have only outgoing traffic and no incoming....??

i have IOS version 12.2(1a) ...


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Re: MRTG with SNMP

What it sounds like is that the ifindex changed when the box was rebooted. You need to figure out what the new ifindex is and update MRTG to reflect this (if you are using a UNIX box, snmpwalk should help). You may also want to turn on persistant SNMP ifindexes:

snmp-server ifindex persist

Good luck, have fun.


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Re: MRTG with SNMP

You could try JFFNMS an OpenSource Network management system, which includes Bandwidth monitoring and interface autodiscovery (it automatically follows changes in the ifIndex of the interface) and is focused on Cisco Equipment. This a replacement for MRTG.

It runs on Windows also (prefered is Unix).

You can get reports on the dates you specify, with RTT, PL, Input Rate, Input Packets, Drops, Availability, etc.

The URL is

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Re: MRTG with SNMP

Rebuild the cfg file for the router, and run that cfg file or replace the values in your existing cfg file. It happens quite often, that after reload the 7200 is changing the order of interfaces. Especially if you add subinterfaces after reload, and then, on the next reload, that subinterface takes it's place right after the main interface.

Best regards, Aleksandar.

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