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MS Load balancing

hi all,

I have two Idetical Telnet servers , each has two network card .

The server is running windows 2000 advanced server.

I'm trying to do load balancing between the two server using MS load balancing . I read the procedure for that from microsoft web site.

but it didnot work with me , this is what I have did :

server 1 : dedicated IP :

server 2 : dedicated IP :

in MS load balancing parameters I used : as a virtual IP

also I used multicast mode , all the port s allowed

the two servers is connected to two ports in 6509 switch , I cannot ping the virual IP ... not even from the server it self !!!

can some body help me in this , this is the first time I do MS load balancing.

Also if somebody know , is there is away to load balance between the two servers without using any software ..I mean is there is a LAYER 2 load balncing that can be done on the 6509 between the two ports.

please any advice .

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Re: MS Load balancing

There is a known issue with MSLB. I found it about a year or so ago. I could not find my notes on it, but one of the reqs (from what I remember) is to configure a static arp entry for your VIP in the switch, not quite sure how that works out, but there is information posted on CCO and Microsoft for this exact issue.


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