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MSFC boot from slot0:

What commands need to be set on the 6509 in order to boot the system image from the PCMCIA card in slot0:

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Re: MSFC boot from slot0:

The boot commands are set using "set boot system" and "set boot config-register" In your case, use the set boot system flash :filename


#set boot command

set boot system flash bootflash:cat6000-sup.5-5-1.bin

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Re: MSFC boot from slot0:

Sorry, I was refering to the IOS on the MSFC. I read on CCO that the bootldr had to be changed using the below for PCMCIA card:

boot bootldr bootflash:boot_loader_image

boot sup-slot0:system_image

Not sure if this is the way it is done? Does not look right. What is changing on the boot loader for slot0: ? And I would think the boot command would be

boot system slot0:system_image_name

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Re: MSFC boot from slot0:

Actually that's correct. if you look at the code for a 6509, there are 2 images, 1 is the bootldr and the other is the system image. This will be on the supervisor module. The following is an example:

boot system bootflash:c6msfc2-dsv-mz.121-8a.E5.bin

boot bootldr bootflash:c6msfc2-boot-mz.121-8a.E5.bin

You would put slot0: in place of bootflash, but be SURE that the boot code is on the flash/slot0 card before doing so. You can verify the boot code filename in your bootflash with "show bootflash:"

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