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MSFC Single-router-mode & 'config-sync' command...

I've been reading papers on MSFC redundancy on the 6500-series platform. I've got dual MSFC2's with PFC2. I'm getting an inconsistant picture from the articles; do I really need the 'config-sync' command when in single-router-mode? One example has it absent, and the other has it present.

Optimally, I'd like to deal with my two MSFCs, just like the SUPs, two physical units, but one logical unit. Are the configs sync-ed by virtue of single-router-mode, or do I really need config-sync to do the job?

Also -- The same articles are inconsistant with their use of the 'alt' command to specify an alternate config for the non-designated router. What is the usage guideline for 'alt', when single-router-mode is enabled? I need individual experience; please don't point me at the articles, I've already been there.


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Re: MSFC Single-router-mode & 'config-sync' command...

You should only need 3 commands on the msfc(s):




Then on layer 2, you will need 'set system highavailability enable'

I am almost positive it sync's without entering in the command you are referring to.

Here is an output on the msfc of what I have running and I do not have that command anywhere:

sh redun

Designated Router: 1 Non-designated Router: 2

Redundancy Status: designated

Config Sync AdminStatus : enabled

Config Sync RuntimeStatus: enabled

Single Router Mode AdminStatus : enabled

Single Router Mode RuntimeStatus: enabled

Single Router Mode transition timer : 120 seconds

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