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MSFC2 Bootflash


We have a 6509 installed with a WS-X6K-S2U-MSFC2 card. As OS we use Hyprid Mode. For a Security Apar we want to Upgrade the MSFC2. But we are not able to do that, because we have only 16MB Bootflash. We are also not able to connect to the PCMCIA Slot from the MSFC2. Only possible from the Sup2. We don't want to migrate to Native Mode at the moment. So i have two questions now:

1. Is there really no possiblity to connect to the PCMCIA Slot from the MSFC2.

2. There is a bootflash upgrade for the MSFC2. Product Code WS-X6K-MSFC2-KIT. Would this be the right Product to Upgrade the Bootflash and howcome does this product cost nothing (0$) in the price list of cisco? I'm sure that cisco doesn't give anything for free.

Thanks for your answers.

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Re: MSFC2 Bootflash

If you are try to boot the router from slot0; you cannot. If you are trying copy a file from the slot0; to the flash on the router you can. You habe to upgrade the flash on the msfc.

I believe the WS-X6K-MSFC2-KIT is a bootrom chip to upgrade the basic hardware rommon code to support the newer versions of code.

Hope this helps

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Re: MSFC2 Bootflash

You can boot your MSFC2 from PCMCIA card(however you cannot read it's contents from MSFC2). Make sure the bootvariable is something like

boot system flash sup-slot0:c6msfc2-xxxxxxxxx

You need to have bootldr image in the MSFC2 bootflash for this to work.

WS-X6K-MSFC2-KIT is a zero cost upgrade. Open a TAC case and you can have one RMAed.

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