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MSFC2 Error on Catalyst 6509

I have a Catalyst 6509 with the WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE and the WS-F6K-MSFC2. When I do a show mod, the Multilayer Switch Feature display "no Other". If I do a show port on 15 it displays the port in state "errdisable". I try to enable or even disable the port but it states it is not a feature on the module. When I session the the daughter card, there are no interfaces listed. Is there a fix to get this port out of this state?


Re: MSFC2 Error on Catalyst 6509

My guess is that the msfc is stuck in rommon . From the supervisor issue the "switch console" command and this should get you into the msfc , if not then you probably have a major msfc problem .

Re: MSFC2 Error on Catalyst 6509

HI Marmour,

There can be couple of reasons why MSFC show you in other state.

1) A corrupted Cisco IOS Software image

2) A misseated bootflash

3) The drop of the MSFC or MSFC2 to ROM monitor (ROMMON)

4) MSFC not properly seated on supervisor

Check this link out

This link will guide you how to recover MSFC from any of the above mentioned problem.

If you are not able to recover msfc with the above link I am afraid your msfc might have gone bad and you have to get your sup + msfc RMAed.

Hope for the best and best of luck!!



Cisco Employee

Re: MSFC2 Error on Catalyst 6509

If the trunk port 15/1 is err-disabled, try to reset the MSFC after issuing "switch console"(you need to be on console port of the sup to do this). Normal reasons for MSFC trunk to err-disable

1)Transient issue

2)Some configuration on module 15. Issue a "clear config 15" if you can. You might get a message saying "module not online"

3)Bad hardware.

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