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Mulitcasting - Ghost imaging


I enabled multicasting on my Cisco LAN switches (4500 Sup 4s) to allow Norton Ghost images to multicast across the network. I used pim-sparse-dense mode. The CPUs on the Sup4 almost 100% and I had to shut down Ghost multicasting. The Ghost desktop image is about 40 Gigs in size. Is this image too big for multicasting? Has anyone ever seen this problem with multicasting? Should I just use pim-sparse mode instead?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: Mulitcasting - Ghost imaging

That depends, is the multicast routing only between vlans? Dense mode is a push and prune where multicast stream is pushed and the routers basically send prune by those who does not want the mcast. Dense mode basically is the opposite, where routers running multicast have to join and that's how the stream gets forwarded, this is a nutshell, of course.

What you need to get is show proc cpu when the cpu is high, to make see which process is causing the cpu to shoot up. Next, make sure that you have igmp snooping enabled on all the switches, who knows, it might be getting flooded. More information is needed

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