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Multi-VRF link CE-PE and Routing


After reading some docs about Multi-VRF in enterprise environment (no MPLS) I've come to conclusion that:

- the link between CE and PE, if you have two or more entities, HAVE TO BE a 802.1Q TRUNK

- if you have an IP Core, not an MPLS one, from the point of view of the PE all the links of the Core nodes that connect together two or more PE's HAVE TO BE a 802.1Q TRUNK so that you can assign the VLANs to the respectively VRF

are my conclusion correct ???

I've a big enterprise net based on EIGRP and I've thought to use EIGRP VRF...

but...I've read that for the 3750 Series Multi-VRF is not supported for EIGRP...Is this true??? seeing that migrate to OSPF is not the case

Thnx for helpful hint



Re: Multi-VRF link CE-PE and Routing

Hi Omar,

Your first statement above is not correct. The PE-CE links can be any interface type, and not just an 802.1q trunk. For example, I have a setup where I use the multi-vrf (or VRF-Lite) feature on a 7500 where the interfaces I use are ATM sub-interfaces. I think your mis-understanding comes from the fact that this feature is likely to be used on ethernet switches which would then use dot1q trunks to the PE.

As to your second statement, you should first understand the multi-vrf technology is designed for use pre-dominantly on CE routers. If, however, you wish to use it on a so-called non-MPLS PE router, then you can once again enable it on any interface type.

At this point in time, EIGRP is not supported with multi-vrf You can use one of the following protocols, though:

BGP, RIP, OSPF and static routing

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.



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Re: Multi-VRF link CE-PE and Routing

Hi Paresh,

you're right, My statement are more enterprise-related where basically you use Ethernet connections...

In fact ATM subinterfaces use the "same concept" as 802.1q trunk where the subint ID is comparable to the VID.

Gulp! no EIGRP support for VRF-Lite on cat3750...but this is supported on Cat3550 (12.2(25)SED!)



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