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Multicast and RP routers

I'm new to multicast, so this may be a simple question.

I want to run PIM-SM. Can I have 2 routers on the same LAN acting as RPs. Each would have its own multicast tree to the same remote site (which would also be configured with 2 leaf routers). I'd like to do this for redundancy purposes. The servers at the remote site would choose 1 or the other multicast stream.

Is this possible?


Re: Multicast and RP routers

You can have two routers on the same LAN both configured as RPs. "Use Auto-RP and this will make it easier to expand your multicast network."

Have the RPs announce the groups they want to be RPs for. This way different RPs can be RP for different group. Each RP would serve different multicast groups and this would give you a kind of load-balancing.

If two or more RPs want to be RP for same multicast group, the mapping agent will resolve the conflict with the rule that will give the RP with highest IP address the preference, and that will be the RP for the group. If the current RP fails, the DRs would fallback to the other RP giving you the redundancy you want.

A good link is here:

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