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Multicast Issues

I am having some issues with Multicasting (basically not working). It is not working on the LAN, and am pretty confident that when I get the sorted out I will be able to get it sorted out on the WAN. Anyway, I have 4507 with 5 VLAN interfaces with ip pim sparse-mode under each interface, my first question is, when I do a show ip pim neighbor, shouldn't I see those interfaces?

01LAF-Rt1#show ip pim neighbor

PIM Neighbor Table

Neighbor Address Interface Uptime Expires Ver Mode

Nada. Secondly, there is a router attached who also has ip pim sparse-mode on its fast ethernet 0/0 interface. The 4507 is directly attached to this 7204 and I do not see it as a neighbor. I should note that the 4507 and 7204 do not have an interface in the same subnet. I think If I change the IP of the 7204 and make it an access port on the 4507 it may come up as a neighbor.


Re: Multicast Issues

I believe you are correct. Remember that a VLAN is a broadcast domain. If there is no common broadcast domain, the multicast cannot propagate.

Also remember that for PIM Sparse, you must have an RP (rendezvous point), which is usually the router closest to the multicast's point-of-origin ("the root of the shared tree")

If necessary, force the router as an RP, or try PIM Sparse-Dense (for at least experimental purposes) to see if that's the issue.

Good Luck



Re: Multicast Issues

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