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Multicast load balancing

I need to send several multicast groups over 2 or more t1 lines now the total amount of data will be more then one t1. the source and destination will be the same, I just want the routers to split the multicast between the two lines, what would the best way be? and what would this do to the router overhead?

thanks in advance

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Re: Multicast load balancing

I'm going to take a jab a this, so first of all you will have to use sparse or sparse/dense mode. Then you will have to have different sources for the different groups, then on the router closest to the receivers define static mroutes pointing back to sources. i.e. souce1, group one over t1 1, source2,group2 over t1 1, source 1 group 3 over t1 2, etc. The static mroutes basically define which t1 to use as an rpf interface. default behaviour if there are 2 equal cost routes is to pick interface with highest ip address, the static mroute forces it to alternate according to source,group combination.

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