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Multicast - on IP/TV only voice stream works, while video doesn't

Our customer has a PIM-SP with manually configured RP.

Only voice works on IP/TV service. is the IP/TV server is the IP/TV client is the Redezvous Point router is the video stream that doesn't work is the voice stream that does work

This is what I see on the router where the IP/TV client is connected when debbuging PIM:

Nov 22 09:01:22: PIM: Send v2 Data-header Register to for, group

Nov 22 09:01:22: PIM: Received v2 Register-Stop on ATM2/0.1 from

Nov 22 09:01:22: PIM: for source, group

Nov 22 09:01:22: PIM: Clear register flag to for (,

Does this mean that Video stream is stopped?

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Re: Multicast - on IP/TV only voice stream works, while video do


From the output available I agree with you that Video is being stopped. But i haven't been able to gather informtation on how to overcome this issue. Has anyone else experienced this before?

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Re: Multicast - on IP/TV only voice stream works, while video do


we finally found out what was happening (or at least the explanation appears worthy of belief).

LAN Emulation is our customer's layer 2 protocol.

In a certain moment our customer upgraded the router acting as Rendezvous Point (static RP), at that time IP/TV was running.

LANE creates point-to-multipoint SVC's as needed. It seems that the multicast_group_owner of the video group was that RP router, and when it was reloaded, another router got the ownership. So, when the RP router came online again video packets couldn't find a fine reverse path and were dropped.

Our customer changed IP/TV server configuration and began to send audio and video packets to other multicast groups and it worked fine because newly created SVC's were right.

I believe that in a real broadcast layer 2 framework the problem would not happen. In this LANE environment, it seems better to stop IP/TV server if you are planning to reload RP router.



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