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Multicast Question.

I have a software which delivers OS image to notebooks. The software uses multicast to transfer the image.Now the source and clients are connected directly to a Cisco 4506 switch with Supervisor Engine IV.They are all in the same VLAN.Do I need to configure the switch to make the multicast work properly? and How ?


Re: Multicast Question.

You will be knowing the basic configuration of multicasting in the OS and the Notebok clients, for configuration in the switch you can use these documents:

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Re: Multicast Question.

Do you need to enable Multicast support to multicast an image to machines on the same VLAN?

No, and it will work.

However, every active port in the VLAN will receive a copy of the multicast traffic, so you'd be tying up the available bandwidth on ports that want nothing to do with the transfer. At the very least enable IGMP Snooping on the switch, then it will keep track of which stations are interested, and which aren't and only copy the traffic to the interested ports.

If you want to test it, plug a machine into a port on the same VLAN, and send an image via Multicast. If your activity light goes solid, then your multicast support isn't working correctly and all ports in the local VLAN are receiving that traffic.

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