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We hae multicast enabled on our Network./ We have 2 Cisco 6509 with MSFc and have it enabled globaly and per vlan participating in multicasting

We want to start usng Ghost Server and want to use multicast. I have enabled multicast in the vlan and when i select multicast, do not see any traffic from the addrees used by Ghost. It is also very very very slow.

Do I need another

ip pim send-rp-announce Vlan999 scope 16

ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 16

for this vlan to enable ghost client to use multicast sucessfully.?

This is defintely a switch issue as weh we use a hub outside of the Swtch, it is very fast. Please how can I get Ghost to work very fast on our network. This is really urgent.



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Re: Multicasting

try sho ip mroute,

if you are running dense you should see a

(*, ghost mcast address) route

if you are running sparse you should see the same route plus

(source, ghost mcast address) route.

or debug ip mpacket,(be ready to turn it off).

Are you running dense mode or sparse mode, if you are running dense, then you don't need those command. If you are running sparse you can use those commands, but you will also have to define an RP somewhere.

Re: Multicasting

I assume from the small bit of config you are running Auto-RP and all your VLAN interfaces have 'ip pim sparse-dense' configured? I would suggest creating a /32 loopback interface and advertising that as the Candidate-RP instead of a VLAN interface (just a best practise as the the VLAN interface could go down). Are you running Native IOS or Hybrid? If its hybrid make sure the Supervisor has IGMP Snooping enabled. Also what TTL is the Ghost server sending traffic out with? I think the default is 1(?), if this is the case then the packets won't go farther than the first hop and this is why everthing is so slow as the MSFC has to process switch all these packets as they can't go any farther.


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