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multihoming with static routes

I have a router connected to 2 diffrenet ISPs , i want to use static routes for multihoming so that i included these 2 static routes:

ip route serial 0 200

ip route serial 1 201

i read that the lowest AD will used first while the other is backup ....what exactly the meaining of backup( if the first link is go down , the second will work automatically , or if the first link saturated the other link will work with it )??

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Re: multihoming with static routes

The second route will only be used if the first becomes unavailable. If both routes had the same AD then you would loadbalance accross both paths.

Problem with this is you only guard against the nexthop router going down. If there is a problem on your ISP's network or upstream ISP then traffic may get lost. BGP would be a better solution when connecting to 2 ISP's.

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Re: multihoming with static routes

As far as I know, the exact meaning is that it will be used only when the first link is down.

Hope that helps.

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