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Multilink ppp

I would like to verify that this scenario would work. Client has a T-1 circuit with 6 channels split out from an Adtran T-Mux for data to a V.35 serial interface on a router (not Cisco). Plan is to replace existing router with Cisco (1720 or 26xx) and to add a second T-1for data. Can I bundle the 6 channels of the existing with the 24 channels of the new using Multilink PPP for a 1.9MB pipe ? With a WIC1-DSU for the new T-1 interface ? Within a year the full bandwidth of the existing T-1 will be available for bundling.

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Re: Multilink ppp

PPP multilink should work fine with the scenario you mention above. With PPP multilink you are linking the interfaces so whatever channels they have will be linked.

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Re: Multilink ppp

You mean to say you have WIC-1DSU-T1 card in 1700 or 2600 router right?

Well WIC-1DSU-T1 dosen't support channelized T1. Also it has RJ45 port where you need to plug the T1 line.

Pl. visit following url for more

Now you can configure that WIC-1DSU-T1 for 6 timeslots only. It will create one serial interface aggregating the bandwidth. We call it fractional T1. You will find the sample config on the bottom the above url page.

So no need for "ppp multilink" here.

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Re: Multilink ppp

Just to add, if you need V.35 interface at cisco router for that fractional T1, you need WIC-1T card. Pl. visit following url for more

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