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Multiple adsl links

I have a 3725 router with 3 seperate atm interfaces connecting to 3 seperate ADSL lines all supplied by the same ISP each ADSL line has a static IP address and all the lines are on the same PVC. I want to use one line for internet access and the other two for point to point. I have setup three virtual-templates and associated each ATM interface with a virtual-template. My problem is the default gateway, when the router boots it sets up three virtual-access interfaces one for each virtual-template., the next hop router is the same on each virtual-access, when my router boots it associates this next hop router as directly connected with the first virtual-access interface to get established. So if i use this next hop router as my default gateway and the internet virtual-access interface is not first to be established, it will send the data out the wrong interface. I have tried putting the default-gateway as the virtual-template but this doesn't seem to work. Anyone come across this or am i doing something silly?

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Re: Multiple adsl links

I think i've sussed this by using ACL's on the interfaces to limit what traffic's allowed where. Sometimes a fresh mind in the morning is what you need. I'm new to this so any info is welcome as i probably going about it the wrong way!

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Re: Multiple adsl links

Hi ,

Yes you need access-list but at different scenario. I suggest you to use PBR (Policy Based Routing).

This is source based routing technique, allows you which subnet should take which gateway. These URLs would address your requirement

Good Luck,


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Re: Multiple adsl links

Thanks for that Dinesh, i found another solution as well that works, using dialer interfaces instead of virtual-template interfaces. With the dialer interfaces i can use the command "ip route dialer1" which i couldn't with the virtual-templates. So now i can direct traffic via interfaces rather than next hop router which solves my problem.

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