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Multiple DSL lines Router

Is there a router on the market where I can take one DSL thats got 5 static IP's and several with dynamic ip's put all into one router. When a request is made off the static ip (the website) the information can be routed out a dynamic ip to the client requesting the information. If someone could help me out a little give me some router names and possible where i could locate specs and prices on them Id be thankful. the email address is



Re: Multiple DSL lines Router

Any Cisco DSL router can staticly NAT 5 IP addresses and dynamically DHCP the rest. Maybe I don’t have a clear understanding of what you are trying to do. Here’s some info from Cisco’s site:

Hope this helps.

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Re: Multiple DSL lines Router

What I am trying to do is somewhat save money. I want to get a ADSL with 5 static ip's which is $120 a month. Then get 2 or more cheaper ADSL's with dynamic ip's. Then with my static IP's i set my DNS servers. When something is requested via a static IP, I want to be able to map that request and send it back to the client via the dynamic IP. The problem is getting a T1 right off the bat isnt afordable nor is a fractional T1. They run at about $500 a month right now in the Bay Area of California. We dont have our office yet. (looking at two locatations) But its in the Union City area. Its not like we are going to be having thousands of hits to our website daily. Its just going to be the central part to a large network of small companies. Small meaning 1-10 employees run the show. We have guys on the road copying legal documents and we are wanting to have different piors all over california with just basic dls or cable modem connection to the net (a lot of these locations will be the owners of the companies homes or offices and even some of the employees homes) but you'll pull up in your vechile hit a button and wirelessly send the files to the server inside the building, and then you take off. it'll then go on the server and be sent to the central place and then that location will send the files where they need to go.

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