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Multiple Gateways

I have 2 ISP's and want to route traffic from certain vlans to a certain ISP and other vlans to antoher ISP. I am trying to do this on a 5509. What is the best way to go about this

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Re: Multiple Gateways


You might want to try using POLICY ROUTING. With Policy Routing you can classify packets arriving at, for example, an ethernet port by source address (with an access-list), and then set the next-hop address with your policy. Your policy will override the routing table for the traffic that passed the access-list.


Rob Bristow

AT&T Solutions

CCIE #3335

Re: Multiple Gateways

How is your layer 3 routing set up ? Is it an RSM doing the job, or an external router.

If its an RSM, on the appropriate vlan interfaces, you will need to apply policy routing using route-maps to direct traffic from each vlan to appropriate ISP.

If its an external router, doing inter vlan routing, then you can set policy routing on the ethernet subinterfaces for each vlan.

A sample route-map will look like this...

route-map setISP permit 10

match interface vlan 10

set ip next-hop

route-map setISP permit 20

match interface vlan 20

set ip next-hop

route-map setISP permit 30

int vlan 10

ip policy route-map setISP

int vlan 20

ip policy route-map setISP

For an external router, you will be creating two subinterfaces say fa0/0.10 and fa0/0.20 for routing between each vlans.

So instead of the vlan interfaces, it would be replaced by interface fa0/0.10 and interface fa0/0.20

Hope that helps!

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