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Multiple Internet Connections 3620 Pix 515

Hi, I may be digging myself a whole here but here goes...

My company needs to add bandwidth, but the only offering for us is T1's. So currently we have a T1 plugged directly into our 515.

We are looking at getting 2 more T1's, which will have their own Static Internet IP's.

Here's the problem.

I want everything internally to use the pix as it's default gateway.

All the static ip's on the outside ne to be able to allow vpn's into the pix.

I would like the pix to see the real internet ip address and not a natted ip address.

My idea was to get a 4 port eth upgrade for my 3620 for a total of 5 eth ports.

Have eth0 plugged into the outside of the pix.

setup network for eth0 and pix outside.

plug the 3 t1s into the 3620's eth1 eth2 and eth3

do static nats from x.x.x.x etc

That would work, but the problem with that is that the traffic coming to the pix will appear to be from the network and not from the actual ip's.

Anyone have some better idea's or some thoughts on how I can do this more effectivly?


Re: Multiple Internet Connections 3620 Pix 515

I'm real curious on how you plan to "plug" the t-1's into an ethernet interface. If you just need bandwidth, can you work with your provider to run multillink ppp over the t-1's ?

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Re: Multiple Internet Connections 3620 Pix 515

I thought people may read past that and assume that I had a router ie. 2501 for each T1. Sorry bout that.

No they won't work with me on that. That's more of a pipe dream around here.

Basically, I have a pix 515, that needs to see 5 internet connections. Each with ips on different subnets, now because the pix doesn't support secondary ip's, I don't really have much of a choice to go with the static nat option I guess.

My next step is to see if MLS will do nat, as I do have a 3620 and a Catalyst 5505 available to me.

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