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Multiple Points To Access Internet - See Message

Hello All,

What I have is the following

4507-1 - OSPF

Port 5/1 - Connects to FE0/0 on 2691(OSPF)

Port 5/1 belongs to VLAN 9

VLAN 9 IP Address =

FE0/0 2691 =

4507-2 - OSPF

Port 5/1 - Connects to FE0/1 on 2691(OSPF)

Port 5/1 belongs to VLAN 5

VLAN 9 IP Address =

FE0/1 2691 =

Bridged IP Address on 2691 =

There are 3 T1's connected to main site.

The problem that I am having is intermidate problems getting to main site. I think this happening because there are two points back to the local LAN and things are timing out.

I set the gateway of last resort on 4507-1

and 4507-2

On 4507-2 if I do sh ip route I get all the routes showing but if I do it on 4507-1 I only get the local ones.

I have auto-summary turned off and ip classes set.

1. What is the best solution for this should I load balance in and out of the 2691 for Internet access or set one for out and one for in?

2. Should I always force them out one way and in the same way and if that FE is down on the 2691 have it route to the other?

If anyone can help me out on this I woould greatly appreciate it.



Re: Multiple Points To Access Internet - See Message

The details you have given is not enough to give any suggestions. I do not understand where you have disabled 'auto-summary'. It is not available with OSPF, as far as I know. If you are not seeing any routes on a device, you can troubleshoot the specific protocol that you are running. There are lots of documents on the cisco website for various routing protocols.

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