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multiple ports vlan trunking

Hello, I recently purchased a 3560 switch and I am relatively new with VLANs.

What I need to do is quite simple:

I need multiple fastethernet ports into multiple VLANs on a single switch. For that, I need to trunk these ports but nothing seems to work properly.

I created multiple VLANs (vlan 100, 200 and 300), but by default each VLAN can see each other (my allowed vlan list is set to ALL on each port).

When I setup the restrictions of that allowed vlan list, the problem is each port see each other. Example: Port 0/22 is set allowed vlan 100,200 .. but that port still can see vlan 300. I configured Native VLAN on VLAN50 (empty VLAN) for each port on the switch.

I tried on a 3560 and a 2950, but exactly the same problem occurs.

The problem is really basic but I'm on it since 1 week. Is there anyone who could help me please?


Re: multiple ports vlan trunking

Check below link for detail configuration & information.

If you want to remove the vlan from the trunk, you can simply use below command :

switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 300

Hope this helps.

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Re: multiple ports vlan trunking

It may be good, if you share the Configuration that you have done in the Switch.

It seems to be a configuration issue.

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Re: multiple ports vlan trunking

You need to create your VLANs under the vlan database on L3 switches otherwise you ran into the problem you atre experiencing.

Hope this help as your posting may not be new, so it is too late responding please forgive me.

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