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Multiple SPANs on 6509

I'm curious why the 6509 is limited to only 2 SPAN sessions. This doesn't seem logical when you can port monitor as many ports as you have on the lower end switches.

Also, I tried implementing the alternate way recommended by Cisco for capturing data using the method described here: "Capturing Traffic Flows". Has anyone got this to work, and if so, could send a config example? I set it up but it didn't appear to work, as I couldn't see the traffic I could normally with a SPAN session.

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Re: Multiple SPANs on 6509

6509 supports 2 rx/both span session and 4 tx only span session besides RSPANS

Difference between SPAN and capture using VACL is

--- only permit traffic can be captured, and capture can occur on egress vlan only if the traffic is L3 switched.Of course, VACL has the advantage that you can, for example, capture only traffic passing between specific IPs etc (ie, ACL based

Please post your config and someone can help out.

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