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Multiple T-1's

I have a 2500 series router provided by our soon to be disconnected ISP. I have a new 2611 router provided by Sprint. 1/4 of our business is done via the web. There is a PIX firewall with 4 interfaces behind the routers. Will it be possible to have both T's receive traffic successfully and send a response from our DMZ(web server) simultaneously? Our config was provided by Sprint. The gateway on the PIX points to the Sprint router. Will traffic from the old ISP pass through or will it be dropped? I realize that my webserver will have multiple IP's for each site, so NAT from the PIX will work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple T-1's

you could have the 2 routers and the pix sharing 1 LAN. The pix would be configured to send traffic to one of the router (you can even use HSRP for a while or just point traffic to 1 of the routers).

In this scenario, incoming traffic won't be a problem. The pix does not really care if traffic is coming from isp 1 or isp2.

For outgoing traffic, since the pix can only point to 1 router, you will only use one T1.

Since you will eventually have only 1 router, I would say this is ok.

If you really need the 2 T1's to be used for outgoing traffic during the transition from ISP1 to ISP2, this might require more configuration and tuning.

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Re: Multiple T-1's

So if a Client request a session thru the old T and the reponse comes from my Sprint T I won't have any problems? Thanx in advance

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