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Multiplexer vs Software Routing

I'm investigating the difference between purchasing 3660 Router vs Routing Software placed on a WIN2000 server - trying to accomplish mulitple types of connections, Frame Relay, T1, ISDN and 56k DSU/CSU. Any suggestions or recommendations and provide details please.



Re: Multiplexer vs Software Routing

how many connections ?

how many users need to be routed ?

Given what you stated above, I would consider the router as the solution. Just from the physical interface standpoint. IF the network has any size at all, The server might not handle it well

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Re: Multiplexer vs Software Routing

two - t1's, 1 isdn, and 2 frame relay running at 56k

75 users

It's my belief that the router is the best option but there a senior in the office that thinks a PC with routing software is the solution. Any detailed help to support the router is favorable.



Re: Multiplexer vs Software Routing

have you spoken with a local cisco account team. they have fought this battle many times. Without knowing the "performance characteristics" of a w2k server doing routing I can only suggest that anyone who puts all their eggs in one basket is asking for trouble.

Looking at just the interfaces listed above, how is the server solution going to handle all that ?

Whats the performance impact of running routing processes on a server that is not purpose built for that function ?

Whats the business impact of a routing failure or reconfiguration on the clients on the server ?

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