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My boss is cheap and I am tired...

I am trying to figure out how to configure redundancy into some of our smaller sites.

Due to site closures and a restructuring, we ended up with a lot of routers and good deals on frame relay circuits.

I would like to know if there is a way for me to set up a site with two routers connected to two routers across the frame and get redundant connections to the Ethernet coming out of the building. Currently, we must select one or the other (routers) as the default and thus we have ended with one interface performing about 70-80% of the outgoing traffic. I am trying to eliminate failure points, so putting a 3rd router in to "plug the hole" is not an option. Has anyone got any suggestions ???


Tom Catyb

Agfa Corp.

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Re: My boss is cheap and I am tired...


When you say "redundancy", there is redundancy of ckts and routers. It sounds more like your are taking about load balancing accross two routers. You can do what you want in a certain form, but I am not sure I can explain it clearly in writing.

If you

1) want to do load balancing with two ckts, you can put on the same router and have both ckts

coming handling traffic.

2) want to have a redundant router, use HSRP.

3) want to do load balancing over two routers between the same sites, you will have to do

send some hosts over 1 router and some over another and have a static in each router, so if

the F-Relay fails, it will route all traffic over the other ckt.

Like I said, it is easier to explain over the phone. If this is not clear, hopefully, someone will clarify or else you may want to open a TAC case.


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