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NAM upgrade questions/issues

I am trying to upgrade a NAM running 2.1(1a) to 2.1(2).

I have a 6509 running 12.1(11)EX1, Native IOS.

The documentation says that you must put the NAM into maintenance mode, with a reset command issued from the supervisor. Obviously, there is no reset command in native, how do I get the NAM into maintenance mode?

Also, how do you enable telnet for the nam? I have IP addresses configured...I can ping it, and it opens a telnet session, but gives no prompt then immediately closes the session.

Are there any other documents available that describe the cli of the nam? the user guide seems to only cover the GUI, and the installation docs are slim.

Lastly, the gig ports on the NAM seem to default to vlan 1 for both ports..are these considered the management ports collectively? If I wanted to change that, how would I do it? Switchport commands from IOS?



Re: NAM upgrade questions/issues

First of all, according to 'Table 3: NAM Software Compatibility' at:, there is NO NativeIOS support for NAM 2.1(1a) and in order to use NAM code 2.1(2) you need to have 12.1(11b)E or later with a Supervisor Engine 1A with an MSFC 2, or a Supervisor Engine 2 with an MSFC 2.

Yes, there is command available for NativeIOS to put NAM into Maintenance mode. See the section 'Upgrading the NAM Software' under the Cisco IOS Software at the above URL for the procedure.

telnet on the NAM is disabled by default. To enable it you have to use the exsession on command in the NAM CLI and then make sure that NAM is configured properly for the ip address, default gateway etc for outside access.

The NAM docs URL are listed above and they cover everything that you need, what exactly you see missing from the NAM docs?. Anything that you're not able to see/missing?. You have to span to the NAM to have the NAM collect the data.

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