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Name on Dialer Map statements?

I have a question about the NAME portion of the dialer map statement.

ie. dialer map ip name RouterA broad 5551212

What exactly does the 'name RouterA' do for me? And before everyone

jumps up and says that this is the name used for ppp authentication

purposes, I ask, have you tried this? I have a lab with ISDN circuits

and regardless of what I put for name xxxxxx, my authentication

completes successfully. If I leave the 'name' part out altogether, I

still authenticate. In my experience in the lab, it seems to have no

value whatsoever. Does someone know what this is really for? And if

so, is there some little test I can run that will show me what this is

for so as to convince myself that this actually does something? The

only purpose to me seems to be to put a comment in the map statement to

indicate who we are talking to.


Re: Name on Dialer Map statements?

As far as my experiences go, I can tell you that it is used for at least two things......, number one is that the name portion is for incoming calls to select the appropiate dialer map for authentication, and number two is that this name is undeed used for the authentication used. But, you have to remember that if you are using PPP with CHAP it is possible to have one-way or two-way authentication, so, if using one-way authentication the name portion will not be used if you are initiating the connection, instead, only the username password in global config would be used.

Hope this helps


Re: Name on Dialer Map statements?

When connecting to a peer using dialer maps, the router uses the dialer map to bind the call. Therefore, the IP address and username of the peer are bound. If the wrong IP address or name is in the dialer map, then the call will connect but IDEALLY should not be able to pass traffic.

The debug ip packet command will indicate that the "encapsulation failed".

Can you please post the following debugs on you test call:

deb isdn q931 / deb ppp nego / ping x.x.x.x (peer ip address)

Thanks, Mak.

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