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NAT and Printing

I one public IP address. I have a 2501 as the edge router. I have a winterm (thin client device) and a printer behind the router on the LAN Lets call it location "A". Connecting over the internet to a Windows 2k server is not a problem. Printing within Windows is not a problem.

The problem: We use a Unix application (NAT'd public IP) located at location's "B" LAN. We cannot route to a private address (printer at location "A") so I need to use NAT. Back to the original problem, I only have One Public IP, can I use that public IP and some way using NAT map that one IP address to port 9100?


Re: NAT and Printing

If the issue is having only one public IP and you want to use more private addresse, you can use Nat with address overloading. This involves using a single public IP address with different private adddress by making use of different port numbers. In your case you can use the port number 9100 in the seconde case.

The document which gives you a how to do of this is

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