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NAT connectivity problem

Hello all,

I am trying to set up NAT on a PRI dial in interface, I have set up the following commands :

access-list 1 permit

ip nat pool dialin netmask

ip nat outside source list 1 pool dialin overload

int f0/0 : ip nat inside

int group-async 1 & 2 & serial 1/0:15(d channel) ip nat outside

I am trying to have it so dial in users will access the network via 1 address ( When I dial in to the router it issues me with a correct ip (a address for now) but I cant ping anything. However if i try a traceroute then it sees the router address.

If I look in 'sh ip nat trans' I can see the dial in address and destination and there are several hits and no misses in the 'sh ip nat stat'.

The above commands are the only ones I have added for nat so am i missing any out or do i need extra routes or something?

Any ideas welcome...



Re: NAT connectivity problem

is the access device advertising the network to the inside routers? Create a static route and inject it into your routing protocol. You can do it in the next upstream router or in the access server by directing it to a null interface.

Community Member

Re: NAT connectivity problem

cheersa for the reply,

i am trying to hide behind the single ip address and this should be advertised through ospf as it is wh

within the sites range of advertised network addresses.

is this sufficient or do i need a special route just for the nat ip address?


Re: NAT connectivity problem

How is advertised through OSPF?



Re: NAT connectivity problem

You need to advertise the NAT address. That is the only address other routers in you netowrk will see.

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