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NAT, PC with internal IP, Internet Access

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, I would like to post a conversation for discussion. I have following network:

x.y.z.w public IP's



ROUTER wan1 (Serial) - Internet

wan2 (Ethernet)



ROUTER2 lan2 - x1.y1.z1.w1 private IP's

Basically I need to give access to the Internet for one PC from x1.y1.z1.0 IP network, but this ones are not public IP's and can not go direct to the Internet.

Does someone knows what command's should I put in ROUTER and ROUTER2 for this propouse.

Best Regards,

Igor Sotelo.

Cisco Employee

Re: NAT, PC with internal IP, Internet Access

Need to know that Out of whole network, only one PC from x1.y1.z1.w1 internal network needs to go to internet? Or you already have other internel network already going on internet but just need to add one more PC from different network for internat access?

Looks to me that you have multiple public ip address which can be used for NAT/PAT to allow internal netwrok to access the internet..right?

If yes, then you can configure like this

ip nat pool net-internet prefix-length 28

ip nat inside source list 1 pool net-internet


interface serial 0

Description wan access to internet

ip address

ip nat outside


interface ethernet 1

ip address b.b.b.b

ip nat inside


access-list 1 permit x.y.z.0

access-list 1 permit x1.y1.z1.a1

So you can see that the whole x.y.z.0/24 network have access to internet along with one ip address x1.y1.z1.a1

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