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Nat to outside address

I have a network consisting of several host routers that allow connections to smallers sites via Frame Connection. Also connected to the host routers(1751) is a Pix506E via the ethernet0 port. Currently we use serial point-to-point communication.This allows connection between hosts and their connecting sites, as well as between host to host. The Pix at each host is connected to another router, that is a state connection, the address that is requested by each connecting site is always the same, so all requests that are sent to the Host routers with a 167.192.130.x address are sent to the PIX via the ethernet0 port, and then to the state router out the outside interface of the PIX.

That works great. Now my problem, I have a connecting site that connects to (HOST_A) but all traffic needs to forward to (HOST_C). These are connected via the serial communication I mentioned earlier. I am able to forward from (HOST_C) to (HOST_A) no problem, but hen a request is made, it hits (HOST_A) and is forwarded to the ethernet0 port. I need a way to nat the ip to a private address so the request can be forwarded to (HOST_C) then sent to the PIX and translated to the correct outside address 167.192.130.x..

I do not know if this is possible. Any help would be appreciated.


Charles Gilliam

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Re: Nat to outside address

Unfortunately, it is not clear from your description what the topology is.

Are the site routers and HOST_A, HOST_B, HOST_C nodes etc.. routers that are connected hub and spoke to a central router or is it a fully meshed network over the frame relay ?

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