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Nat translation on a Cisco 800 Router

I have a temporary requirement to add a second server to our network. Both servers have to be accessible from outside, using the same ports (80, 443, 22 and 12001).

Unfortunately we only have one IP fixed address at this location but we do have a couple of url’s pointing to the Cisco.

Ideally we would like the IP address to point to server 1 and a url to point to server 2

Does any know if this is possible with a Cisco 837 router?

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Re: Nat translation on a Cisco 800 Router

well unfortunatly to my knowledge you cannot have one IP address NATing the same ports to two different servers. What you could do is put in a microsoft ISA server or it's Linux equivolent and then you can route to each other servers based on host headers and other information unqiue to that data stream.

this is the best answer i can offer without a little bit more of information. could you expand on what you would like to do some more? i.e what reqeusts are going to what server and what each server is hosting? thanks. i'm asuming its a webserver right?



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