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I have a few 6513's. On the ones I have currently in production, they are using CAT OS(or Hybrid). In those switches I have configured HSRP just fine and would like to run HSRP on another network(with a switch that has native IOS). I am a liitle confused about how Native IOS operates, however. In Native IOS when you console into the Sup engine, and are at the router prompt, is that a separate router from the MSFC's? Because normally in Cat OS, you have the do a ses 15, or 16 to get to the MSFC's. Is there a way to get to them in Native IOS or are you already accessing them when you console into the SUP? The closest thing that I have been able to do is a remote login module 1. When I do this, this looks like what an MSFC would normally look like, but i am unsure if it is actually the MSFC. Am I totally off here?

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Re: Native IOS VS. CAT OS

For 6500s running native IOS you are normally in contact with the MSFC2.

And that's really all you need - everything is done in IOS.

You *can* get into contact with the Supervisor explicitly, using "attach" or

"remote login".

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Re: Native IOS VS. CAT OS

Thanks for the reply. That's what I was thinking, but then how do you access the other msfc, for instance to configure hsrp between the two routing components? When I do a sh mod, I see that there are two msfc daughter cards. One in mod 1 and the other in mod 2. I guess basically what I'm asking is, when you use the attach command or remote login, is that the other routing component(msfc)? Or is there another command?

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Re: Native IOS VS. CAT OS

You do not have to configure HSRP between the Sups/MSFCs in the same Chassis. The configuration from active Supervisor gets syncronized to standby Sup engine

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