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Native VLAN, Management VLAN

Is the Native VLAN only used to communicate 802.1q information? Does CDP go over the Native VLAN? Is there a breakdown of what traverses the Native VLAN and the Management VLAN? I have a customer that has their management vlan different than the native vlan.


Re: Native VLAN, Management VLAN

Hi Patrick,

Native VLAN is used only on trunks configured for dot1q tagging but NATIVE VLAN itself passes the trunk without any tag. I mean when native vlan is configured to pass on the trunk it does not have any tagging.

CDP does not go over the Native VLAN but CDP carries the native vlan information.

You can have management VLAN and Native VLAN different as their is no relation between the 2. Just remember Native VLAN is to send the vlan traffic on trunk untagged.

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Re: Native VLAN, Management VLAN

I think it does more than what you say:

802.1Q standard is more than just a tagging mechanism. It also defines a unique spanning tree instance running on the native VLAN for all the VLANs in the network.

Here is the link:

I just suspect there is more to the Native VLAN and I want a document that will provide more information on Cisco's Website.

Re: Native VLAN, Management VLAN

Hi Patrick,

Even if you configure ISL where there is no concept of Native Vlan you will get per vlan spanning tree instance.

PVST is a feature which Cisco provides for runninng STP per vlan and as per me there is no correlation of encapsulation method configured on trunk and PVST.



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